Basic biographical dates of Martin Mayer


  • 1931 born in Berlin.
  • 1942 refugee from Berlin to his grandparents home town Kaiserslautern, a year later to Weißenburg.
  • 1946–1949 private pupil of Theodor Georgii in Munich.
  • 1949–1954 student and assistant of Georgii at Akademie der Bildenden Künste.
  • 1949 acquaintance with Herbert List, leading to lifelong friendship and colaboration.
  • 1953 first participation, as the youngest sculptor, at "Große Kunstausstellung" at Haus der Kunst München.
  • 1954–1956 living in Donauwörth, fullfilling an artistic employment at Käthe Kruse.
  • 1957 inital and definitive settlement as a free artist in Munich with first own atelier at Schubertstraße 8.
  • 1959 acquaintance with Bernhard Borst, the first influential "supporter".
  • 1960 first public statue in Munich ("Sitting boar", commissioned by Bernhard Borst).
  • 1962 installation of first public big nude ("Orpheus") in Munich.
  • 1963 by legacy of Georgii takeover of the atelier at Hildebrand-Haus (today Städtische Monacensia-Bibliothek).
  • 1966 marriage with Sigrune at Berlin, being Hermann Noack III his best man. Birth of first son.
  • 1968 establishing his life-time ateliers at Borstei.
  • 1969 birth of second son.
  • 2022 died in Munich. Requiem at Westfriedhof München, funeral in the grave of his ancestors at Hauptfriedhof Kaiserslautern.

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