The emblematic animals

"Martin Mayer overcomes the purely sensual nature and achieves formal principles beyond the creaturely. Thus, it is not nature that becomes the actual starting point for the artist, but the idea immanent in it, recognised by the sculptor and made visible through abstraction." *

Martin Mayer: Eisbär
1958, cement, l 46 cm.

Martin Mayer: Sitzender Keiler
1960, bronze, h 124 cm.

Martin Mayer: Adler
1961, bronze, h 160 cm. 

Martin Mayer: Penguin
1963, plaster, h 38 cm.

Martin Mayer: Brütendes Huhn
1965, bronze, h 25 cm.

Martin Mayer: Kranich
1966, bronze, h 165 cm. 

Martin Mayer: Kugelnder Bär
1968, bronze, h 104 cm.