The empathic portraits

"It is here, however, that his intellectual and creative discipline is revealed: In the capturing of the individual and its transformation to an artistically valuable design. Skill, diligence, attention to detail and mastery are not enough to approach the human being in such a way, to grasp him in such a way as Martin Mayer succeeds in doing: There is and remains an imponderable involved here – whether it is intuition, whether it is the striation at the border of the concept of genius or quite simply the creative luck that distinguishes this artist from others." *

Martin Mayer: Sonja
1959, bronze, h 32 cm.

Martin Mayer: Mark Lothar
1960, bronze, h 35 cm.

Martin Mayer: Ernestine
1963, bronze, h 44 cm.

Martin Mayer: Sophie.
1965, bronze, h 31 cm.

Martin Mayer: Ernst Bloch
1971, bronze, h 39 cm.

Martin Mayer: Wilhelm Engelhard
1989, bronze, h 36 cm.