Fundamental texts about Martin Mayer

Herbert List, 1965:

... These female figures made a great impression on me. The final achievement of the form showed that Martin Mayer had inwardly found an adequate way of expression. ...

Über Martin Mayer
On Martin Mayer

Franz Roh, 1965:

... His women are vegetative creatures who appear entirely self-contained. ...

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer (en)

Hans Konrad Roethel, 1972:

... The calling and longing they display through posture and gaze resembles the games of those "enfants terribles" who, innocent and seductive at the same time, confuse the senses. ...

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer (en)

Margarethe Krieger, 1974:

... Nature is the spiritual origin of Martin Mayer's art [...] the idea immanent in it, recognised by the sculptor and made visible through abstraction. ...

Martin Mayer
Martin Mayer (en)

Hartwig Garnerus, 1981:

... monumentality is one of the defining characteristics of Martin Mayer's nudes, regardless of their size. ...

Eine Frau ist eine Frau ist eine Frau?
A woman is a woman is a woman?

Werner Haftmann, 1988:

... The woman's body is transformed into an independent pictorial cipher, which contains all aspects of a naturalistic depiction, but gains its expressive power from the arrangement of pure forms. ...

Der Bildhauer Martin Mayer
The sculptor Martin Mayer

Heinz Spielmann, 2002:

...Martin Mayer always understood sculpture as an art of the human form, he never doubted that this art had its own laws, but he never saw a classical canon as its prerequisite – always life itself. ...

Der Bildhauer als Zeichner
The sculptor as a graphic artist

Dietrich Heyde, 2019:

... I would just like to say once more, and now with the example of his Orpheus, how beautiful, downright powerful and therefore convincing the formal language of Martin Mayer is and how it affects us....

Gedanken zu Martin Mayer
Thoughts on Martin Mayer